Friday, March 4, 2011

Turning Japanese Vol. 1

A few weeks ago Comrades Jason and Charlie were invited on a photo trip to Japan for Australian New Zealand Snowboarding Magazine. Accompanying them on the trip was good friend of Comrades Chris Decampo and Photographer Richard Hegarty.

The trip kicked off in Nozawa Onsen where the boys spent the first 5 nights. Straight off the bat they were blessed with great snow making it super easy to find features to shoot. The great snow and amazing terrain in Nozawa made it easy for the boys to get work done shooting a variety of different features. Along with all the shredding extra curricular activities included beer drinking from vending machines; eating great food and of course karaoke.

From Nozawa they continued to Myoko, a resort nearby to keep everything fresh. Upon arrival there was more fresh snow which made for some sick turns and some decent cliff lines.

They had incredible luck with the weather for the rest of the stay in Myoko with nothing but bluebird days, making for perfect conditions for jump building and shooting some different Japan features. The night life in Myoko was none existent which was a bit of a shame for the boys but they did get to visit a monkey park and hang out with some rather angry little monkeys.

From all reports the trip was very productive all the guys got sweet shots which should make for some good reading when this years magazines come out.
This is what the boys had to say:

Jason Maxfield
”Japan was an amazing experience both for the riding and crazy different culture. I recommend a Japan trip to everyone. It was a great way to break up the season from all the park riding in Breckenridge. And I was super stoked on the group of guys selected for the trip there was nothing better then going on one of your first mag trips with such good riders. It was a super fun trip which will show in the photos.”

Charlie Steinbacher
“Japan was awesome, it was a perfect way to start off my season, it was my first time there so I was blown away by the amount of snow they had... and being there with Jason and Decampo made it so much fun, we are all the same age and we all ride together during the Aus season so I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to ride pow and shoot photos with.”

Charlie also took part in another photo trip in Japan just before this one, so he will be hooking us up with some intel regarding that shortly. So keep posted.

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