Saturday, March 12, 2011


Nate just destroyed the Bardonnechia World Cup in Italy which slipped him into first position of the World Cup rankings. Jarryd came 13th in what ws his first World Cup start, missing out on finals by .2 of a point. And the gold medal in the ladies event was snapped up by friend of Comrades and all round champion Holly Crawford.

Being that Jarryd didn't make the finals he took some happy snaps yesterday... check 'em out.

Comrades Represent [This one is actually taken by Nate]

The pipe cut with a 22ft Global Cutter... Looking primo!

Nate boosting an Indy Nose Bone on his last hit.

Holly laying back a nice slash during training.

Holls on the podium...

... and Nate.

[Left to Right] Jarryd, Kerry (The team physio / runAbout), Holly, Benny A (Coach / Wax Tech) and Nate.

More so than the prize money and trophies this is by far the best part about winning yesterday. Nate and Holly each took home one of these boxes of meat.

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