Monday, August 17, 2009

Rip Curl Freeride Pro

Last week the Rip Curl Freeride Pro was held on the Bluff up at Thredbo. It is one of the funnest comps on in Australia and Nate and Jarryd were both there representing Comrades!!!

The first day (wednesday) was pretty average with rain, wind a very poor visabilty, but both of the comrades qualified for finals the next day.

The weather was a fair bit better on thursday, but not perfect. Nate had 2 awesome runs, throwing down 3's off the rock drop, a switch back 5 off the hip and in his second run half cabbing an awesome rock butter down the bottom of the bluff. Jarryd kept it a bit more simple with a 3 off the hip, gapping the same rock butter Nate hit in his first run and hitting the rock butter in his second.

Nate and Jarryd's solid riding paid off with Nate taking out 1st place and Jarryd tied up for 3rd with Pete Long... Ben Mates pulled up 2nd.

Check out the official video @

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hut Jam

So on the weekend Tys and Jarryd did the Mountain Dew Battle for supremecy.
The set up was crazy. starting with 2 down bars at the top, then a picnic table and a tyre bonk leading into the infamous hut.
There were a fair few options for the hut, you could gap it, gap to the downside of the roof, ride up and down the roof, hit the box-downbar, and the list goes on.

Congrats to the Quicksilver team who took out the event, and the Burton team who took out best trick.

Theres a video on the popmag website @ (you might have to scroll down a bit). We will post some pics as they come in. And wil lgive you a heads up when the event will be televised.