Tuesday, May 19, 2009

California Love

Yep, Comrades are in Cali!

After a big day of travel Jarryd, Jason, Nate, Sam and Charlie are at Mamoth Mountain, CA. However Tyson is in back at home relaxing in Mansfield as is Scotty chilling in Melbourne town. The biggest highlight of our travels would have to be the Airport Security lady hooning around on a Segway which was pretty fitting as we had all just watched the Segway antics of Paul Blart: Mall Cop on the plane. After 4 hours crammed in the back of the Red Rocket driving thru the Hot Nevada and California Sun we finially arrived to Mammoth - our home for the next few weeks.

Tuesday we were all pretty jet lagged but sure enough the clock in Charlie's room was wrong so at about seven O'Clock he woke us all up ready to ride. We headed up the hill a short while later and got our passes sorted and what not then headed up the chair with anticipation. Surprisingly enough there was a decent cover and no one got core shots... pretty decent for riding in late May. Unfortunatly Charlie hurt is back in the pipe and we are all still unsure of how long he is off snow for. Hopefully he will be back on the snow shredding in the next few days after a physio visit. We left the hill (some of us sunburnt) as a nasty looking storm crept in. The Afternoon was spent playing tennis in the Cali sunshine.
Today (Wednesday) was pretty much the same as Tuesday but less hectic as we did'nt have to shop and what not.

We are out here for 3 weeks so check back for photos.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Issues

As the Australian winter approaches, first issues of local snowboard mags start to pop up in news agencies and this year the Comrades are pretty well represented.

Australian Snowboarder Magazine
Nate has a full page shot (First Words Section) , a two page Rip Curl ad, and a page for the Rip Curl Freeride Pro

Jarryd got a decent shot with a rundown of his list of injuries (News - Medic Section).

Samboss got a good little shot and props taking out the Ocean and Earth Teenage Rampage Series (Comp Calender Section) .

Transfer Magazine
This is a new magazine hot off the press in Australia and Comrades are well spoken for by Samboss and Jason who both have photos in the first ever issue.

We would just like to thank Ryan Willmont and Russel Holt for producing some great mags, and letting us be apart of it all.

What is Comrades?

Comrades is a bunch of young Australian snowboarders who love to ride and travel the world living the dream.

Nathan Johnstone . Jarryd Williams . Sam Murphy . Charlie Steinbacher . Jason Maxfield . Tyson Pollard . Scotty James

Keep an eye out...