Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hut Jam

So on the weekend Tys and Jarryd did the Mountain Dew Battle for supremecy.
The set up was crazy. starting with 2 down bars at the top, then a picnic table and a tyre bonk leading into the infamous hut.
There were a fair few options for the hut, you could gap it, gap to the downside of the roof, ride up and down the roof, hit the box-downbar, and the list goes on.

Congrats to the Quicksilver team who took out the event, and the Burton team who took out best trick.

Theres a video on the popmag website @ (you might have to scroll down a bit). We will post some pics as they come in. And wil lgive you a heads up when the event will be televised.


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