Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nate Johnstone Blogs NZ Open

The Nate Johnstone Blog care of Pop Mag

I Have been over in NZ now for about 2 weeks and have had some really fun sunny days shredding with the NSWIS boys. We have been playing around with my Go Pro over the past week and got a little bit of footage together so Charlie Steinbacher put together a small edit of all of us cruising around Snowpark and Cardrona. I’ll hopefully try put it up soon.

I’m hoping to keep filming a bit more over the Southern Hemi season so hopefully there should be some more video edits on the way. I had the Burton NZ Open on today and lucky enough it ended up being a pearl’a of a day with sunny sky’s and some good shredding. I-Pod took out 1st followed by Taku Hiraoka (this 14yr old Japanese kid coming in 2nd who blew everyone’s mind) and Louie Vito with some insane doubles coming in 3rd. Also Mitch Brown had a cracker of a 1st run placing in 9th and Scotty James throwing down on the last hit with a sick double alley chuck but unfortunately not landing but impressed the judges for sure.. I didn’t end up going very well, my ankle has been giving me a little grief the past 2 days, but she should be all good for the Ripcurl Freeride Pro next week in Aus. I’ll have another update from the Rip curl Freeride Pro next week.

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