Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not so good news.

As most people would have heard, be it on the grapevine or in the Australian media, Aussie Olympic Team member and Comrade Nate Johnstone injured himself in Otsego Resort, Michigan.

Nate was learning cab double corks into an airbag at the resort earlier this week and one one attempt landed one awkwardly leaving him with a fractured fibia (ankle / lower leg). Now without speaking the obvious it is unlikely that our friend Nate will be able to compete in the games, but hey crazier stuff has happened. As Ben Mates (who was with Nate in Michigan at the time) put so well on his blog 'It is a huge bummer for Australian Snowboarding' but 'he will be back bigger and better. Nate will be well missed at the games, it certainly wont be as exciting for us to watch, that's for sure.

Here is a photo poached from Matesy's blog of Nates ankle.

If there is a silver lining to this devastation it would be that comrade Scotty James is now able to qualify for Nate's position. Scotty just needs to finish up in the top 19 places in the next world cup in calgary. Good Luck Scotty!

Keep your chin up Nate, we hope you have a speedy recovery so we can ride together soon!

The Comrades

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