Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mammoth MTB

Sam – Jason – Nate – Jarryd – Charlie (Van Dutie)

So after a few days on the hill it was time for a day off.
However rather than just chilling by the pool and taking in the sun we piled in the Red Rocket (The beautiful maroon beast pictured below), rented some mountain bikes and headed up the road to the top of Mammoth.

We did about 4 runs from top to bottom, each time trying to find new trails and pedalling up a storm to make each other eat dust... which there was lots of.
Jarryd claimed the first bail... and the second one. Going off the trail and over the handlebars. We all had a rad time bush bashing and trying not to lose it as we hit little patches of snow but after a couple of hours we were pretty beat so we packed it in and headed to Pita Pit.

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